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SABO Deadlift 1 white SABO Deadlift 1 white

SABO Deadlift 1 white

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SABO Deadlift -1 white

Just det.... en riktig marklyftssko med super grepp och strap som håller foten tight i skon. Användes flitigt av elitlyftare på IPF Worlds 2019. Uppdaterad version. Passform normal. Storleksmässigt at jämföra med vanlig Europa storlek. 

Please note the new model of the Deadlift have a tighter fit than the older model. If in between sizes we recommend going with a larger size. Specialized shoes for deadlifting and a great all-around lifting shoe for your strength workouts.

All new construction compared to the older model of the Deadlift. Improvements for 2019 include improved eyelet construction, more durable metatarsal strap, a more breathable upper, new outsole material providing improved durability and superior grip, and a tighter more glove like fit.

Main features:

- New anatomical last was created especially for deadlifting.

- New non-marking outsole is made of high density material with a special design for traction. Soles are ultra thin: 2mm-5mm.

- Two lateral straps allowing for an individual fit and precise tuning of tightness for the foot, ankle and heel.

- High cut upper and materials optimal for training.

- Side support on the outsole allows you to spread the floor without your feet rolling over, unlike slippers.


- The soles are thin and flat to decrease pulling distance. A thin sole means the barbell is higher up from the floor relative to the athlete. This allows for more weight to be lifted since the pulling distance becomes shorter.

- Specialized footwear protects the feet from injuries related to heavy lifting. Protects athletes’ feet from platypodia (flattening of the arches).

- This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.

- The soles are made from materials that do not have any give which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern and side support on the outsole minimizes slipping.

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