Massage Roller MK2

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Massage Roller MK2, det perfekta verktyget för massage och upplåsning av lite större muskelgrupper.
The Massage Roller Mk2 is a perfect tool for self massage.

5 independent roller balls, it's ideal for pre/post training for reducing aches, and loosening off tight/knotted muscles.
For reverse, hard to reach places this tool is amazing! The handles are rubber but the balls are strong plastic. Unlike other products that bend, the middle axle is of steel, giving you full control over the pressure you can exert over a muscle area. Using both hands you can massage for myofascial release your calfs, hamstring muscles, femorals, even the bottom of your feet. You can also fix one end to a door frame or back of the chair and massage your lats, traps and neck muscles controlling the movement and pressure with your other hand.

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