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Loading Pin Ironmind

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Loading pin for Rolling Thunder mfl av IRONMIND. Passar Internationella vikter med 50 mm hål. Kraftigt utförande och plats med massor av vikt. På bilden visas en carbinhake den ingår ej.

IronMind's loading pins provide an easy way to hold some barbell plates that you want to attach to anything from a Rolling Thunder to a De Rigueur Dipping Belt.* First offered in 1990, they have been part of many a strong guy's workout ever since.
The Olympic loading pin is 15" long and 2" in diameter and takes Olympic plates;
use with the super-duty large carabiner (not included), which holds loads up to 6,600 lb. (yep!).
Loading pins have been in use for over 15 years, and the number of Strengthwise, we honestly don't know what it would take to pull apart one of our loading pins, but we can tell you that about 15 years ago when we were making some design changes, we attached 1500 pounds to one of our large loading pins and lifted it with a crane. That's why we're confident that they're strong enough for our name to go on them.


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