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Hookgrip knee sleeves 2.0

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299,00 SEK
299,00 SEK
299,00 SEK
299,00 SEK
299,00 SEK


Dessa Sleeves är av samma sort som används av stort antal tyngdlyftare i Kinesiska landslaget.
Säljes som par (2 st sleeves i en förpackning)

Hookgrip knee sleeves made with 35% rubber, 55% nylon and 10% spandex. The primary reason for wearing these knee sleeves is to help keep your knees warm, they do not provide much knee support like a knee wrap (or thick knee sleeves) would.

The price here is for two knee sleeves. They are not sold individually.
There are five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL (some colors do not have all sizes). Size recommendations are approximate because these are stretchy knee sleeves and sizing depends a lot on your personal preference for tightness. Therefore, the weights in our recommendations overlap a bit.

Knee Sleeve Sizing Chart
40-60            XS
55-70            S
65-85            M
80-100           L
95-115          XL

This means that if you are 68kg, you could probably fit well into the S or M - S being tighter and M being looser. In addition, you should consider whether you have large or small legs compared to normal weightlifters of your bodyweight and adjust accordingly.

These are the same knee sleeves worn by a number of members of the Chinese National team.

Sold as pair (2 ea sleeves)


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