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Headstrap Fit for Hercules

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It´s been an IronMind classic since 1990 when the boss blew out a big name headstrap with a mere 50 pounds on it and decided that we all deserved something better. Since then, IronMind´s Headstrap Fit For Hercules has graced some of the headiest displays of neck strength in the iron game. While it´s certainly been a stellar performer over the years, this year we´ve improved it yet again adding a feature that will help you train the sides of your neck, as well as the front and the back: our new frame is a great-looking piece of hardware, and wait until you see what it adds to your neck training.

Adjusts to fit heads from 20" to 26", very comfortable and so good-looking that you might never guess it holds over one ton. . . yes, we have hung over 2,000 pounds from one. To us, a Headstrap Fit For Hercules isn´t just a name: it´s a description.

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